Perfect Valentine gift for the maid

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Perfect Valentine gift for the maid

Hello everyone, this is Robin, with his new story. This is my second story. My first story, ’From College mate to bed mate’ was loved by the readers. I got many mails from them and blowjob porn videos for the sake of the love of the sex and sex story lovers; this makes me to pen down my second instance of sex. This time, it’s with my maid.

To cut a long story short, this incident happened in Hyderabad, where I am studying and staying. We were staying in the exteriors of the city and it created troubles for us, as we had problems in interacting with people. All my roommates knew Hindi and no one really knew Telugu. Apart from the language barrier, we faced a lot of troubles in eating the food and get that down our throats. Being a north Indian, we were finding it hard to adjust to the food and digesting the spicy food became tougher with every passing day. We were four guys in the beginning, out of which two of them went to some paying guest and one went to the college hostel. I was left with another guy and we were neither getting a good PG nor the college hostel.

It was then, that we got permissions, or better say orders from our parents to keep a maid for ourselves. The search for a cook took us to various places, various hotels, and restaurants. Everyone asked for a high price as for most of them it was hard to cook north Indian food. They found it hard to prepare roti, daal and curries of our taste and like. In our venture, we kept three maids and they all sucked big time. A wait for a few more days and we were introduced with a maid by a guy. The guy was a cook himself in a restaurant and said that this lady is herself a cook but in a small dhaaba. She knows how to cook chapatti and can cook food north Indian style. Meeting was fixed and she agreed for the job.

Her name was Raji. She was a lady in her late 20s or early 30s, black by complexion, but very good by nature. She used to cook food for us and also do the cleaning stuffs. And whenever, she could not come, due to some reason, she would send the food by her small /son/">son. We were not that fluent in the local language but somehow could manage talking with her. With days passing, she started liking us, started treating us like her children. As she became open to us, she also started sharing her problems with us. Her husband was a drunkard. He was jobless and used to spend his wife’s money in his alcohol. If she refused to give him the money, he used to beat her all up. She showed us the marks from his beating one day. She had two sons.

Time heals every wound. Although her pain was unbearable and could not be compromised, yet she enjoyed our company, maybe because she got someone who listens to her. Although not exactly word by word, but at least we could now understand what the theme of the discussion was.

Things went smoothly like this for over six seven months and food mixed with her love and care showed. We both gained weight and became healthy. She used to care for us like a guardian.
After sometime, we changed our flat and got into a bigger one.

She didn’t show up for some time and returned after around two months. On asking, she refused to tell anything.

She started cooking for us, but stayed aloof and silent all this while. One day, when my roommate was away, while cooking, she said me to sit on the slab of kitchen. I took that normally and sat. Thinking that, probably she needs someone to talk, I sat there for her. After a while she started telling everything. Her voice choked and eyes were red. She was crying. Her husband was not staying with her. He stayed with another lady and Raji stayed at some other place, with her children, a sister and her niece. She had quit all the jobs and was in shock and depression. She had become insomniac and didn’t eat much food. I felt sorry for her. She held my hand and was crying. I also, kept my hand on her shoulder to console her.

That day ended there only, as after crying for some time, she became busy in the cooking and I came back to my bedroom. I don’t know why but that felt unusual. However, avoiding giving this any further thought, I thought that to be normal and moved on. After that day, she started talking a lot to me. This was mostly because, I was the one who woke up early in the morning and I was the one who stayed in the flat all the time. She used to have good time talking with me. I used to make her laugh a lot and even through her saddened eyes, I could sense a slight happiness all that while. That was normal for me. In fact I was happy to make a lady who was so tensed with her family issues, have a good time.

One evening, when she was talking to me, she put her hand my thighs. As I wear only shorts in home, without any /underwear/">underwear, tension build in my penis. With the thin fabric of the short, that was quite visible. She noticed it too. I saw her staring at the semi erect bulge. That made me shy and I reluctantly put my hands on that, to hide it. The glisters in her eyes were now showing a different side of hers. This made me uncomfortable and I left kitchen quickly, pressing my dick from inside of my pockets.

That day’s incident made her bold. And I started avoiding her. She used to hold my hands anytime and used to press my arms, all of them were enough to give me indications of what she thought, and she used to wink at me and used to show me her lips as if she was kissing someone. As if that was not enough, she also used to pass me flying kissed if my roommate was around and not looking at her.

I was unable to understand how to deal with the situation. I, myself was shattered after my break up. And did not know what exactly I should do. My not saying anything, gave her confidence and she took it as a signal.
One evening, on valentine’s eve, she was telling me that her husband stays with another lady. He fucks her now. My sister stays with another man; they both love each other and frequently have sex. Her niece went to a nearby hill station for three days with her lover. Everyone is busy with their love. I don’t have anyone. What should I do?

Knowing, what exactly she meant, I was unable to tell her anything. She held my hand and started crying and was telling me to help her. I didn’t say anything as such, just held hand on her shoulder. She looked up after a while and said, ’nuvvu naaku help chestava? (Will you help me?)’ I didn’t know what to say to that. Instead I kept my hand on her shoulder. And I said nothing. She stood there, with her head in my lap. My penis had reached its height by now and she knew that even I wanted it. Bringing her head down, she kissed my thigh. A shiver ran through my spine and my dick also jumped. But before she could proceed any further, my roommate came. She stopped there only.

The next day was the Valentine’s Day. My roommate left early morning to meet his girlfriend. The door was open and she came inside. I usually open the door in the morning after she rings the bell. But since the gate was open only, she got inside and came to my room tip toed. Putting her one hand on my arm and rubbing my thigh with the other, she woke me up. That came as a /surprise/">surprise to me. I shouted, ’What are you doing?’

To which she replied, ’Your friend left milf porn videos to meet his girlfriend. Now you don’t have a lover and I am also lonely’ and smiled. Unable to take next step, I just said, that I am having body pain; you do the cooking and let me sleep for a while. The truth was that I couldn’t sleep the other night because of whatever she did then. I was thinking over on this the whole night and somehow, got me a gift of body pain. She got up and returned with a bowl in her hands. ’This is oil. It will relax your nerves and reduce your body pain. Let me rub oil on your back and massage.’ I never wanted her to do that, but the body pain made me turn back.
’Open your t-shirt and vest.’

Knowing myself that oil can spoil my branded wears, I removed them. She first looked at my body and then stared at my nipples and with her mouth, made gestures of biting them. She made me to sit, with my back facing her. She then started to rub my back, neck and shoulder joints. That made me feel better and I let my body loose. She massaged that part well for few minutes and then came closer to me. She was sitting right behind me and soon kissed my shoulders. I was unable to control her now. She kissed me all over my back and pinched my nipples a bit. My cock was already rock hard and was dancing to her touch. She then made me lie down on my back and massaged my full body. My cock stood proudly in the middle. Winking at me, she massaged the whole body. This time, it was seductive. She bends down a bit and I could have clear visuals of her melons. She was almost rubbing her tits with my body. She never touched my dick, nor did she open my shorts. After the full massage of my body was over, I felt a lot lighter and better and said her so. To this, she hugged me tight and kissed my chest first and then bites my nipple. I knew she was up for it. And now I could not stop her.

I held her there only. Her tits were rubbing on my body and my dick was poking her. She looked at me and smiled.
I gave her a nod. She looked down and held my cock. And said, ’naaku idi kaavali’(I want this).

I nodded. She bent down and dropped my shorts. She held it and looked at me. She looked at a man’s tool after a long period and her smile marked a thanks. Before I could speak, she drove that in to her mouth. I was already rock hard and she was burning in the flames of lust. Now that the barriers were open, she didn’t want to waste any more time. Now that she was having a good time with my shaft, I bend down and touched her boobs. The melons were big. I touched the hanging tits and pressed them. That made her left a gasp and also let her grip on my tool, loose. While she was driving the cock in and out of her mouth, I was pressing her boobs. She was licking it wildly and I soon came inside her mouth.

She drank a portion of the come and closed her eyes. As if, she just now drank some very precious thing and then rubbed the remaining part over on my tool. The moment my dick was lump, she let it go and got up.

She then slid her pallu and untugged her saree. Now she was only in blouse and petticoat. She looked in my eyes and seeing the lust in my eyes, opened her top blouse button. Then the next and slowly, opened her blouse and was shaking her ass. She was wearing a red bra. I took a step ahead and held her boobs from over her bra. She looked up trying to curve her fire. With my left hand, I opened the petticoat. It fell down in a moment. She wasn’t wearing a panty. And it made my task easier. I hugged her and she was biting my shoulder. I knew how badly she needed me to go inside her but I thought of delaying it, so that she gets optimum pleasure.

In the same position, I unhooked her bra and took it out. She was happy.

She held my dick and moved closer to my body. I took a step back again. This went for few seconds and she started crying; telling that, she had waited years for this, don’t make me wait more. I am dying for it. Please fuck me.
Understanding the demand of the situation, I lied down on my back and held the dick vertically up and said her to ride me. Unaware of the depth of her pussy, I let her decide the speed and be the leading lady.

She came there, with both her legs by my side, she sat on my dick. The sudden going of the dick inside, made a sound. It was similar to the sound that comes when you insert something abruptly in a place where there is vacuum. Her vacuum was now filled with a 7’ long and healthy dick. She sat on my dick and remained in the same position for some time. She was enjoying the moment and savoring it. When she wasn’t moving, I pushed from below, to bring her back to the senses. Realizing the situation, she knew it was her fault and she had flown with the emotions.

She got up and sat down on my dick. Pumping it like a /whore/">whore she was moving her ass in rhythm. I loved this, and held her boobs. While she was ecstatic and enjoying the euphoria of the moment. I was pressing her boobs and pinching her ass. When I was pinching her ass, she herself pressed her boobs. I knew she was hungry for sex like anything and it all was coming out now.

After a while, I made her lie down on bed and got on top of her. With my hands on the side of her boobs, I started riding her. My pushes were making it difficult for her to handle and she was leaving loud moans. She sometimes was pressing her boobs, or was pulling her hairs or was scratching my back. The intensity of the fuck was driving her /crazy/">crazy.

Such actions from her also made me push into her harder and deeper. She was shouting and moaning on the top of her voice. This was the height of her emotions and she left a long gasp and arched her body. I took the signal as my moment and increased my pace. After 8-10 pushes, I felt pressure building in my dick. I gave her a hard push and held her tightly. I shooted cums like never before. The loads of come were heavy and thick. I was tired after this and she was happy and relaxed. Tears were in her eyes, and I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong.

She kissed me on my forehead and said ’Thank You.’