Undercover stories part one

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Undercover stories part one
My names Allison Wagner, well, its not really, in fact Ive used many names in my career as and agent and courier for the CIA!!! Being a woman in this line of work has its advantages, and I really do think that the good out weighs the /bad/">bad, but when things get rough and its strength against strength, well, lets just say that a man has the edge!!! The one thing we woman have going for us is that no one expects us to be anything other than what we appear to be, whether it be a school /teacher/">teacher, a secretary, a crossing guard, or any of a thousand other professions, our quarry never sees us coming until its too late!!! My affiliation with the Company began when I was a senior in college at a large mid western university!!! I was recruited right off campus, and two days after /graduation/">graduation I found myself at a secret training base use by several governmental agencies!!! After six months of intensive training, I got my first assignment, carrying classified documents from East Germany to the West!!! It was and easy operation and one of many that I performed over the years for the Company!!! The following is true description of one of those assignments, with the only deviation from the true facts being that the names have been changed to protect the identities of agents currently in the employ of the Company!!!

My control agent was usually Solomon Forbes, and on a nice spring day in Washington DC, I think the cherry blossoms were in bloom, my intercom buzzed and Sollys gruff voice ordered me to his office!!! "Sit down, Wagner," he said without looking up from his paperwork, "whens the last time you were in Poland!?!" "Its been awhile, sir," I replied, "about three years I think!!!" "Well brush up on your Polish," he replied while wiping his glasses, "youre to report to the American Embassy in Warsaw, your contact will be Peter Olinsky, hes one of us, Olinsky will go over the details of the plan when you get there, but I can give you a quick over view of your assignment!!!" After taking a deep breath, Solly Forbes softened his tone and said softly, "You know I cant show any feeling towards my agents, if I did I couldnt send you out on all these dangerous missions, but this one, Wagner, well this one is going to be rough!!!" Id heard this song and dance before, so I wasnt to worried, but the Solly followed up with his bombshell!!! "Now you know we cant force an agent to get, how shall I put it, intimate with the opposition," he said diplomatically, "but in this case theres a very good chance that your target will not only try to seduce you, he will also try and dominate you!!!"

I sat there with a dumb look on my face, and when I didnt respond he continued, "What I mean, Wagner, youre going to have to get physically close to the target, and in order to reach our objective, theres a good chance youll have to sleep with him!!!" I was stunned into silence, but after taking a moment to clear my brain, I asked softly, "Could I be in any danger from this man!?!" Solly looked me straight in the eye and replied softly, "You could be in a great deal of danger, Allison, so it you want out, just say the word!!!" The room was quiet as a tomb, and Solly was about to speak, when in a very soft voice I replied, "What time does my plane leave!!!"

I had been in many of our embassies around the world, and while some were quite luxurious, Warsaws was not one of them, Paris it aint!!! I scheduled a early morning meeting with Peter Olinsky to go over the nuts and bolts of the operation, and thankfully, he was quite professional and got right to the point!!! "The objective is a simple one, Wagner," he began slowly, "this man, Hans Strecker, is a Polish industrialist with ties to the East German government!!!" "We have information that confirms Strecker has obtained plans for a new missile guidance system and is attempting to sell them to the Soviets through their East German puppet regime!!!" "Your task," he went on, "is to gain Streckers confidence and steal the plans from his vault, and of course, the hardest part of the whole assignment is to get his confidence, and it wont be easy, he is extremely wary of strangers!!!" "Wheres the best place to make contact," Allison asked thoughtfully, "and by the way, do we know what kind of vault hes got!?!" "Both excellent questions," Peter Olinsky replied quickly, "first the vault, we have some inside info on the make and vintage of the vault in question, and with the proper electronic devices it shouldnt be too hard to crack, now as for where to make contact with the subject, Im afraid that the only place Strecker attends without fail is a back alley /club/sex-club/">sex club!!!" Allison was quiet for a moment and then asked, "How hard is it to get into this club without an outside invitation!?!" Peter Olinsky opened the side drawer of his desk and removed an envelope and slid it over to Allison and said, "Again we have some inside help, here is your invitation to the club along with the address, good luck, Wagner, I think youll need it!!!

Allsion indian santali xvideo hopped out of the cab and gave a little shiver while looking at the imposing industrial building that housed the Inferno Club!!! With only a single door with a small painted sign to indicate its location, this wasnt the kind of place the Better Business Bureau would put in its brochure on places to visit!!! Wrapping her mink fur a little closer around her slim voluptuous frame, Allison took a deep breath, and with a small prayer to God, she opened the heavy black door and went inside!!! Just inside the door was a small vestibule with a coat check room and huge bouncer type who collected her invitation and ushered her into the main room of the Inferno Club, where immediately her eyes were bombarded with a cacophony of lights and blaring rock music!!! The room was huge, maybe a football field long and almost as wide, so there was plenty of room to move around in!!! When her eyes finally became accustomed to the flashing lights, Allison was stunned at what she saw!!! Many of the patrons were dressed in bizarre costumes that accentuated their most intimate body parts!!! "Holy smokes," she said out loud, "what in the hell have I got myself into," as she witnessed a young lithe female being impaled on the cock of a gigantic black man while another woman sat on a folding chair sucking off any and all comers!!! Shaking her head in dismay, she pulled the small photo of Hans Strecker from her pocket and commenced looking for her quarry!!!

Slowly Allison made her way around the perimeter of the room, stopping at each alcove, which hosted one of many types of depraved sexual activity, most of which featured various types of bondage and discipline!!! As she made each of her stops searching for the elusive Strecker, the fear building in the pit of her stomach grew as the very real possibility grew that she might end up on the receiving end some of this brutal treatment!!! She was just about to give up hope that Strecker was even in the building, when out of the blue she saw him, tall and imposing, with the angular harsh features on associated with the Nazis, there he was, using a leather cat of nine tails on the plumb bottom of a screaming woman!!! Her revulsion nearly made her lose her supper as she caught a glimpse in his gleaming crystal blue eyes the depth of his brutality!!! A crowd of anxious onlookers cheered each crack of the nine leather lanyards as they burned into the soft yielding flesh, and it was only when the girl shuddered in an explosive orgasm that Allison realized that she was a willing part of the act!!! After giving the shaking creature on more hard whack, several naked women hurriedly untied the poor girl and gently massaged her welt covered bottom with soothing a soothing balm, after which she was led away while Hans Strecker asked for another volunteer!!!

While surveying the teeming crowd for another "victim", Allison Wagner felt her heart almost stop as her eyes alain lyle porn locked with those of the brutish dominant, and much to her consternation, he waded through the throng and without so much as a word, took her by the arm and led her to the rack!!! "Please no," she begged weakly while the two naked women remove her white silk dress, leaving her in only her panties and stockings, "I-I dont want to do this, please nooooo!!!" But as with most people of Hans Streckers ilk, he completely ignored Allisons protestations and ordered the two women to remove her panties and strap her to the bench!!! In only a few moments, Allisons plump soft bottom was exposed and ready for what ever punishment Hans Strecker had in mind for it, and unfortunately for her, her whimpering and mewling only enhanced the excitement flowing through her tormentor as well as the milling crowd!!!

She knew it was coming, but when the first crack of leather connected with her bottom it was still a stunning /surprise/">surprise, and for that reason, she was momentarily silent, but only for a second, because just before the second stroke resonated in the smoky air, she let out a blood curdling scream that brought applause and laughter from the blood thirsty gallery!!! The pain was absolutely excruciating, but with each successive whipping, the pain seemed to dull her senses and incredibly she began to sense a stirring of arousal in her vagina!!! "More, more," the crowd screamed, and Strecker, being the pig that he was, was more than happy to oblige them as he increased the pace an ferocity of his beating!!! "G-god, please stop," Allison moaned as the fury in her vagina began to churn into a boil, "it hurts so bad, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please stop, no more, please no more!!!" Hans Strecker, an experienced dominant, sensing that the young woman whose bottom was lined with bright red multiple welts was now in an extreme state of sexual arousal, gave her one more hard stroke, and then in front of hundreds of screaming onlookers, took a position directly behind Allisons burning ass and without giving her a word of warning, dropped his pants and rammed his incredibly hard bone into her /wet/pussy-wet/super-wet-pussy/">super wet pussy, inducing the type of orgasm you only read about in sex manuals!!!

Of course Allison was no virgin, she had had intercourse with a number of men, but to her it was always making love, and this, this brutal attack from the behind her when she was tied down was anything but love making, even though her pussy betrayed her true feelings as it erupted with /climax/">climax after climax until she was just to spent to have anymore!!! Stricker, on the other hand, jerked out his pecker and blew his hot load onto her burning ass and walked away in triumph, and just as had been the case with the woman before her, the two naked women untied her bindings and gently rubbed her now cherry red bottom with soothing warm oil before leading her away to compose herself!!!

Allisons legs were like rubber, and as she slid into a chair to regain her senses, she screamed in pain as the chair seat contacted her freshly beaten ass!!! "Oh my, god," she moaned as turned on her side, "it hurts so bad, what am I going to do!?!" She was about to struggle into her dress, when a deep male voice offered, "Please allow me, fraulein," and Hans Strecker took the dress from Allisons shaking hands and slipped it over her head!!! "Y-you really hurt me," Allison said softly while rubbing her bottom, "I wont be able to sit down for a week!!!" The evil looking German smiled wanly and replied, "But you have such a spankable bottom, my dear, now please, allow me to drive you home!!!"