I did nothing

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
I did nothing

I came home early one night. As I entered the front door, I realized something felt odd. I looked around. I was about to call my wife but I heard her scream. It was coming from the bedroom. I rushed up the stairs. I was frozen with what I saw. Three black men tearing my wifes clothes off. Instead of helping her, i just stood there. Izzie was struggling.

One black guy started speaking. "I remember how much you enjoyed getting fucked in the gas station. You said your husband isnt satisfying you."

"Stop it. He will be home soon."

"Well be done with you by then."

Her legs were forced to spread. I look at my wife struggling against these men who she had fucked before. He started eating her pussy while the other feels her body. Her nipples were so erect. Although shes protesting I know shes aroused. She sucked another ones big black cock. He was playing with her sensitive nipples.

My wife loves getting her nipples played with. Clearly this man knew about it. I wonder how many times she has cheated before. She looked so naughty, so dirty.

Two man entered her at the same time. Her pussy was getting so stretch and I cant believe what Im seeing. No wonder I couldnt satisfy her. She was lying on her side with her legs held up white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie as the other guy slid into her stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv ass where i never fucked her before. we only had /missionary/missionary-sex/">missionary sex.

I can tell by the way she moan that shes feeling satisfied. She begged for them to keep fucking her like that. I can see the way those /big/big-cocks/">big cocks are stretching her hole.

Then i realized there is a /camera/video-camera/">video camera recording my wifes adultery. They came in her mouth one by one. I started to leave to avoid being seen. I exited the back door and was so hard that i had to relieve some of the tension . When I came back my wife was acting so normal that I wouldnt have suspected anything if I hadnt seen it.

I decided to keep it a secret. however the following week a coworker showed me the video posting of my wife getting pounded by the three black cocks. Turns out there were much more other recordings of her adultery.