Traveling Man

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Traveling Man

Josh worked as a field service technician for a large, extremely conservative computer company. His bosses did not know Josh was gay, nor would they have approved. They were so homophobic Josh had to remain in the closet for fear of losing his job. He was happy his job required him to travel most of the time because it gave him a chance to play around without worrying about the boss finding out.”

At a first glance Josh looked like your typical lanky computer geek, and rarely did anyone give him a second look. During working hours he normally dressed in baggy, wrinkled, khakis with an oversized company logo polo shirt, topped off by geeky looking glasses and disheveled hair. As the old adage goes, ”Don't judge a book by its cover” so goes Josh.

Underneath the geeky clothes was a tight, toned body that wouldn't stop. Josh worked out religiously every morning and took great care of himself. At 28, Josh was an even six /feet/">feet tall weighing in at 170 toned pounds with a 32” waist. He had beautiful blond hair when he took the time to comb it. His naturally smooth chest led right down to his six-pack abs, trimmed blond bush, /gorgeous/">gorgeous eight inch cut cock and nice firm ass.

Josh was staying in a quaint little beach town in Southern California for a week while he got a computer network up and running for one of his customers. The motel wasn't much, but it was clean, comfortable and located in the harbor within walking distance of several restaurants and bars. His bosses were impressed that Josh always stayed in motels thinking he was doing it solely out of concern for the company's finances. They collectively would have had a stroke had they known the real reason, Josh preferred motels because they had better cruising potential than the larger hotels his counterparts liked to stay in. Josh had always had better luck scoring some cock in motels.

He got back to the motel around 5:30 pm on the first day of his stay and went into the room. He showered and did his hair then dressed in a tight t-shirt and a pair of skin-tight, black 501's. His left the room and walked around the corner to the small liquor store to grab some beer for the small refrigerator in his room. He wanted some handy in case he coaxed some hot dude back to the room later when he headed out to cruise the bars. Since there ware no gay bars in the area, he would be on the prowl for some /guy/straight-guy/">straight guy and would need some alcohol for his prey if he had any hope of getting some cock in his throat.

Walking back to his room with the beer he saw a young guy skateboarding through the parking lot. As the guy got closer Josh saw that the dude was hot. The skater was Latino and appeared to be in his late teens. He was wearing the typical backwards baseball hat over short black hair, a skateboard logo t-shirt and baggy jeans. Josh wasn't normally attracted by the skater types but this kid had a small goatee, a beautiful face with a killer smile and what looked to be a great body under the baggy clothes. At around 5”10 and 150 pounds, he definitely looked hot.

The cock in Josh's jeans started to stir as he tried to figure out a way to strike up a conversation with the kid. He was completely startled when the kid rode his skateboard right up to Josh and asked, ”Hey Bro, you got any beer in there?” pointing to the bag Josh was carrying. Josh quickly recovered and said yes, asking the kid if he wanted some. The skater said he was having a /bad/">bad week and could definitely use a good buzz so they were off to Josh's room.

Josh went to put the beer in the fridge, pulling two out and told him to make himself comfortable. The skater sat on the couch and introduced himself as Javier, thanking Josh for the beer and saying he was only 20 so he couldn't get into the bars yet. Josh sat on the couch beside Javier and took another good long look, Javier was fucking incredible looking. They both downed the beers in record time and Josh went for two more, hoping to get Javier good and buzzed.

After explaining why he was staying at the motel, Josh asked Javier why his week had been so bad. Javier explained that he still lived at home and was not getting along with his parents too well at the moment. To make matters worse, he full hd xvideo download broke up with his girlfriend earlier in the week over her reluctance to put out. Javier was afraid to beat off at home fearing his overly-religious parents might catch him and hadn't fucked his girlfriend in over two weeks. Josh couldn't believe his ears, what an opportunity.

After several more beers. Josh kept the conversation locked on sex saying it was too bad Javier hadn't had any lately. Javier replied that he had a huge case of raging blue balls. Josh turned on the TV tuning in to one of the porn channels telling Javier this would take his mind off not getting laid, knowing it would have the exact opposite effect. In no time at all there was some /hot/hot-stud/">hot stud shoving his cock down some young girl's throat on the screen in front of them.

Pretty soon Javier was adjusting his hardening cock every time he thought Josh wasn't looking. Looking at the expert blowjob on the TV, Javier said he loved getting head but his girlfriend wouldn't suck his cock because she didn't like uncut cocks. Josh watched the movie and started rubbing his cock through his jeans and caught Javier looking at him through his peripheral vision. Josh decided to go for it and slowly reached over, resting his hand on Javier's leg.

Javier got very tense and said ”Hey Bro, I aint into no gay shit”.

”This doesn't mean you”re gay, I'm just trying to help a bro in need, plus no one will ever know” was Josh's reply.

Javier said, ”I don't know, this is pretty weird, it doesn't feel right” but leaned back into the couch and pushed his crotch forward slightly.

That was all the encouragement Josh needed as he slowly moved his hand up to Javier's crotch and felt the rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock under those baggy jeans. Josh started to slowly rub Javier's throbbing cock whose only response was to moan and say, ”Fuck yeah bro, work it! After about two minutes of teasing Javier's cock, he slowly unzipped those baggy jeans and reached into his boxers pulling out the nicest uncut cock he had ever seen. Six and a half golden brown inches, perfectly straight and hard as a rock, Josh was in heaven.

Josh leaned forward and took the throbbing cock into his mouth. Josh went all the way down until the cock disappeared and Josh could feel the denim against his face. Javier was moaning up a storm and couldn't believe the free porn movies download feeling. He started getting into it began fucking Josh's face and was soon saying, ”Suck that cock /bitch/">bitch, take it all.” Javier blurted out that his bitch never would have done this and couldn't believe how great it felt.

Josh loved verbal guys so he was really into this hottie. Josh sucked Javier's balls which launched Javier into orbit; he had never experienced anything like this before. He kept licking and sucking Javier's cock for several minutes before he sensed Javier was about to blow his load. Josh wasn't about to let this guy get away so fast so he slowly pulled his mouth off Javier's cock. Josh reached up and pulled Javier's face into his and gave him a deep, wet kiss. Javier was so worked up now between the alcohol, porn, and blowjob that he didn't care that he was kissing a dude. He was actually enjoying it. Josh sensed this as well and decided to try going a little further.

Josh stood up in front of Javier and told him it was his turn. Javier was past the point of no return and didn't care what he had to do to get Josh's /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth back on his /balls/ball-cock/cock-and-balls/">cock and balls again. Javier started rubbing the bulge in Josh's 501's and it was driving Josh /crazy/">crazy. As soon as the jeans were open, Josh's eight inch cock sprang out right into Javier's face. Josh eased his aching cock into Javier's mouth and started a smooth, slow fucking rhythm while instructing the first-time cocksucker how to properly suck and lick a cock. Within minutes Javier was sucking cock like a pro and Josh knew he couldn't hold on much longer.

Josh pulled out of the hot mouth in front of him and got undressed, telling Javier to do the same. They got on the bed and quickly got into the 69 position. Josh told him to go slow so they could make it last and both cocks disappeared into each other's waiting mouths. They both maintained a nice pace, slowly sucking each other's cocks all the way to the base. For a beginner, it seemed Javier was quick to learn. Not too many people could take all of Josh's eight inches without gagging, but Javier worked it like it was the last cock he would ever see. This went on for about fifteen minutes of passionate bliss.

Javier took his mouth off the cock and blurted out, ”Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum!” and Josh maintained his pace until Javier was ready. Josh felt Javier's whole body spasm just as Javier shot the biggest load of cum Josh had ever caught in his mouth. Josh savored every drop as he swallowed the hot load, not spilling a drop. Javier could not believe he just came into another dude's mouth and the dude swallowed too.

Josh moved over Javier who was now on his back and guided his cock back into Javier's mouth because he was close too. He slowly fucked that hot face until he shot spurt after spurt of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into Javier's throat. Javier thought he should return the favor so he too swallowed every drop. Josh rolled off of Javier and they lay next to each other for a few minutes completely exhausted. Javier said, ”Fuck dude! that was the hottest sex I ever had, much better than it ever was with my cunt girlfriend.”

They finally got up and got dressed and Javier started to leave. Josh gave him his cell phone number and said he would be here the rest of the week and to call if he wanted a repeat performance. Javier left the room and skateboarded off through the parking lot and Josh knew this was going to be a good trip.